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LP Chaem (B.E.2449-2536)

HTF 1st Batch
Holy Four-faced Phrom Medallion
LP Chaem, Wat DonYaihom
Nakonpathom Province, B.E. 2528

Dimensions:   2.2 X 3.4 cm
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This is a HTF, very nice and unused LP Chaem 1st batch Four-faced Phrom medallion, Wat DonYaihom, Nakonpathom province, B.E. 2528.

LP Chaem (B.E.2449-2536)- the creator and blesser - was a close disciple of a pre-war greatest monk master LP Ngern Wat DonYaihom (B.E.2433-2520).

LP Chaem had strong mind power as he had finished Gasin Fai (mind concentration on fire). When he was meditating, the room he sat would be light and bright. Once LP Ngern made banter words to him, "Be careful, it will be on fire."

Four-faced Phrom is popularly called by Thai people as Thao MahaPhrom -- HE is
the same one as the efficacious statue that placed at the front of Erawan Hotel, Ratchaprasong Square, BKK.

Thao MahaPhrom is also highly respected by Chinese Buddhists in many countries -- such as Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, etc.

Thao MahaPhrom has 4 faces and 8 arms, 7 arms holding holy objects. Thao MahaPhrom is a member of the Great Trimurti comprising:-

Brahma -- the creator
Vishnu -- the maintainer or preserver
Shiva -- the destroyer or transformer
Brahma = Thao MahaPhrom in Thai.

While Thais call 4-faced Phrom as Thao MahaPhrom, Chinese Buddhists populary call HIM as Four-faced Buddha (四面佛) or Four-Faced God (四面神).

Thao MahaPhrom is a benevolent God -- by Thai belief, HE creates everything in the universe and loves everyone. HE is the creator and fate maker or controller. You can beg from HIM for wealth, career or business success, happiness and life

Thao MahaPhrom's four faces reflect HIS four sublime states of mind:

Metta: loving-kindness
Karuna: compassion
Mudita: sympathetic joy
Upekkha: equanimity

But by layman experiences - Thao MahaPhrom, apart from HIS eliminating of all obstacles and negative influences, also responses to worshippers in four directions as HIS four physical faces as follows:  

- gaining high official rank & fame (功名)
- having love and family harmony (姻缘)
- having Wealth & Fortune (财富)
- having good health and longivity of life (健康)

Thai Buddhists also highly respect some Brahmanist gods including Thao MahaPhrom-- just because Buddhism was developed from Brahmanism which is well blended into people's way of life from birth to death. Apart from that, lots of practical religious ceremonies related to Brahmanism including amulet consecrations which partially related to it.

One short but so efficacious Katha for Thao MahaPhrom is as follows:-

Thao MahaPhrom (Four-faced Phrom) = Brahma in English

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