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国际泰佛牌 by Lek Watruak

It's not cracks but refilling and levelling traces on the surface that looking like a Naga (snake) hood. The Naga-hood-shape trace incidentally happened while the amulet was in making process. The Yant and the markings of snake hood are coincidentally in the same position. It's an auspicious protective sign. Click to view the comparative pic.

The counter-clockwise-head Yant Unalom of 5-tiered zigzag tail - it's specifically called Yant Unalom PhraChao HaPhraOng or Yant Unalom of 5 Buddhas - Na Mo Budh Dha Ya.

Buddha image is sitting over the topping 5-Buddha Katha scripts read Na-Mo-Budh-Dha-Ya. When the Katha was dismantled, each script can be separately seen as shown below:

LP Kuay (B.E. 2448-2522)

VHTF LP Kuay Fantastic-design
5-Buddha-script-based Somdej
Lang Yant Unalom
Wat Kositaram, Mid 2510s

Dimensions: 2.4 X 3.5 cm
holy powder + dry holy flowers from shrines + Tung oil
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This is a VHTF, fantastic-design of 5-Buddha-script-based Somdej, Lang Yant Unalom, made & blessed by LP Kuay, Wat Kositaram, ChaiNart province in around mid 2510s.

Lang Yant Unalom = Unalom Yant back

Generally, Somdej amulets are in the form of Buddha image sitting over the plain 3, 5, 7 or 9 tired bases. But the above LP Kuay's Somdej of fantastic design the Buddha image is sitting over 5-Buddha-script bases "Na Mo Budh Dha Ya".

Each script is topping over another, reading from the top to the bottom Na-Mo-Budh-Dha-Ya which are the short names of 5 Buddhas:-

Na = Gakusandho Buddha
Mo = Gonakamano Buddha
Budh = Gassapo Buddha
Dha = Sakayamuni Kotama Buddha (the present-epoch Buddha)
Ya = Sri Ariyametrai Buddha (the next future Buddha).

Moreover, the backside of the Somdej was impressed with a counter-clockwise- head Yant Unalom of 5-tiered zigzag tail - it's specifically called Yant Unalom PhraChao HaPhraOng or Yant Unalom of 5 Buddhas - Na Mo Budh Dha Ya.

The double actions of both front- and backside Yants of 5 Buddhas cover properties of all aspects - life safty, happy and peaceful life, family harmony, wealth & fortune, career progress, good health & life longivity, Metta Mahaniyom, etc.

The amazing history of the Somdej recounted by some of LP Kuay's close disciples that the fantastic design was initiated and adviced by a Deva specifically for the great master --LP Kuay:

One late night, LP Kuay was meditating in Bosth, a Deva appeared in his meditating mind.

The Deva told LP Kuay,
"Luang Phor, you are getting old now, it's inconvenient for you to inscribe amulets you've created each by each because it takes so much time. So it's better to create an instant built-in efficacious Yant on the amulets."

"How to do it I have no idea, I am not a designer." LP Kuay replied.

" No problem for that--Luang Phor, would you please see the wall at your left hand, the design is now on the wall and it will be faded away before dawn. So please remember it." The deva said.

LP Kuay watched at the wall a while and remember the design and then he shifted up his mind to the deep meditation again.

LP Kuay -one of the most able & greatest monk masters of post B.E.2500 period- was a close disciple of LP Sri, Wat PhraPrang, Singhburi Province, and later learned with LP Doem of Wat NongPho, Nakonsawan province.

LP Kuay's forefinger is so powerful that a glass will be broken just as he is pointing to !!

After an amulet blessing ceremony at Wat Thathong, Suphanburi province, LP Toh, Wat Pradoo Chimplee had pointed to LP Kuay and asked Mr. Thanong Laokordee, "Who is that master ?"

" He is Luang Phor Kuay, from Chainart," replied Mr. Thanong.

" His meditative ray is so bright and powerful," said LP Toh.

LP Kuay ate only one meal a day. In the later part of his life he ate so little, but his face and body was still so bright. When he was ill in the early of B.E. 2522, he used a blue-ink pen drawing a circle around a date on the calendar--and a month later it's exactly the date that he passed away !!

LP Kuay passed away on April 12, B.E.2522 at the age of 74--after ordination for his monkhood for 53 years.

VHTF = very hard to find
Dhan = base
Na-Mo-Budh-Dha-Ya = the short names of 5 Buddhas -- see above text
Bosth = the main hall of the temple where the major Buddha image was placed. It's the place for Sangkha (Buddistic monks) to perform important activities such as ordination, consecration, etc.
Deva = deity
Metta Mahaniyom = to be liked and loved by others

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