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Dimensions:  2.4 X 3.4  cm
Assorted holy materials (see the below text)
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HTF Somdej 9 Arahants
 of Great Content & Blessings
 B.E. 2538
This is a HTF, unused, beautiful Somdej 9 Arahants, B.E. 2538. It was created with good intention and with great content and blessings. So this is why the Somdej has great properties and efficacies.

Somdej 9 Arahants of this batch were created & blessed as holy gifts for people who donated money for projects to support Buddhism.

The creation of Somdej 9 Arahants was initiated by LokThip Foundation led by Acharn Kanong NernUrai, the former owner and the editor of LokThip--the magazine on Buddhism and super natural phenomena.

Acharn Kanong, a former layman great devotee for Buddhism, had encountered so many experiences on Buddhistic miracles--he later ordained for his monkhood up until now.

Acharn Kanong had great, clean mind and good intention to initiate and create Somdej 9 Arahants. He collected and gathered so many holy materials to make such the great amulets. Apart from that he also invited real qualified reverent monks to blesss the amulets 3 times (see details below).

So Somdej 9 Arahants are real good great amulet recommended for everyone who would like to have a good amulet for wealth and fortune, career progress, business flourish, family harmony, Metta Mahaniyom, KlaewKlaad, or any proper- ties & efficacies at wishes.     


Somdej 9 Arahants content comprise bio substance of many Arahants and was blessed by a group of great qualified monk masters.   

Many of us wear amulets on the neck without realizing that real good great amulets are resulted from two main factors:

The first-- the creator's clean mind and intention for real merit course.

The second--the amulets' content, making processes and blessings.

Somdej 9 Arahants fully meet the two courses reaching real extreme greatness.

Who are those 9 Arahants whose images appeared on the front side ot the amulet ? 
They are as follows:-

1) LP Dool, Wat Burapharam, Surin
2) LP Buapa, Wat PahPhraSatit, Nongkai
3) LP Sim, Wat ThamPhaPlong, Chiangmai
4) Acharn Mun Bhuritatto, Wat PahSuthawas, SakonNakon
5) LP Sie, Wat KaoThamBoonnak, NakonSawan
6) LP Khao, Wat ThamklongPaen, NongBualampoo
7) LP Waen, Wat Doi MaePang, Chiangmai
8) LP Cha, Wat NongPahPhong, Ubon
9) LP Sarm, Wat PahTraiWiwek, Surin

These reverent 9 Arahants passed away and reached their Nipphan (Niravana) state a long time ago. The remains of their holy bones later became crystalized materials or PhraDhat.


The content of Somdej 9 Arahants of this batch is a real best, comprising holy bio-substance and personal materials of the 9 Aharants such as holy hair, holy Jivorn (monk cloth), holy chewing betal nut, holy bone, holy ash etc. Apart from that the content were also mixed with efficacious materials as follows:

1) Holy soil from 4 memorial places of Lord Buddha in India
2) Holy leaves from the Bodhi tree where Lord Buddha enlightened (India)
3) Holy powder of Ithajae, Maharaj, Pathamang, Buddhakhun, Trinisinghae
4) Holy herbs of 108 kinds
5) Ground efficacious ores--Rae Koh Larn, Rae MekaPhat
6) Ore powder of Rae Lek Lai
7) Lek Lai Taraed from LP Samrit, Wat Thamfaed
8) Old holy powder of Somdej Phra PhutDhacharn (Toh), Wat Rakang
9) Holy KakYayak soil --the same as the based material of LP Thuad B.E. 2497 batch
10) Holy dried flowers from many famous Guru monks
11) Old holy powder from famous temple Wat Mongkol Borphit, Ayuthaya
12) Ground PhraDhat (relic) of Sivali


The great amulets of Somdej 9 Arahants were blessed in 3 important consecra- tion ceremonies:

The 1st Blessing; Oct 24, B.E.2538, at MahaUt Bosth, Wat IndraRam, presided by LP Daeng Nandhiyo, SamutSongkram province.

The 2nd Blessing: Oct 26, B.E. 2538, at Viharn Phra RuangRojanaRit, Wat PhraPathomChedi, NakonPathom, by 9 famous Luang Phors:
1) LP Uttama, Wat WangWiwegaram, Kanchanaburi
2) LP Pern, Wat BangPhra, NakonPathom
3) LP Lamyai, Wat ThungLadya, Kanchanaburi
4) LP Yod, Wat KaewCharoen, Samutsongkram
5) LP Yah, Wat Thakam, NakonPathom
6) LP Yaem, Wat SamNgam, NakonPathom
7) LP Sawai, Wat Preedaram, NakonPathom
8) LP Poon, Wat Phailom, NakonPathom
9) LP SaNga, Wat NongMuang, Kanchanaburi

The 3rd Blessing: Nov 11, B.E. 2538, at LokThip Foundation Dhamma Practice Place, by 22 famous Luang Phors of Acharn Mun's lineage:

1) LP Ngon, Wat PhraBuddhaBartKaoRuak, Phijit
2) LP Lod, Wat SiriKamolwas, BKK
3) LP Kamphong, Wat ThamKokdoo, Udorn
4) LP Kie, Wat SanamChai, Ubon
5) LP Thon, Wat SriAphaiWan, Loey
6) LP BoonPheng, Wat PahWiwek, Khonkaen
7) LP Luang, Wat PahSamranNiwas, Lampang
8) Acharn ChanTha, Wat PahKaonoi, Phijit  
9) Acharn Chot, Wat Phukaew, Ubon
10) Phra BodhiNandhaMuni, Wat Burapharam, Surin
11) Acharn Plaeng, Wat PahUdomSomporn, Sakonnakon
12) PhraKru UdomSangworakhun, Wat Boromniwas, BKK
13) LP Pherm, Wat ThamTriratana, Korat
14) Acharn Chamnian, Wat ThamsuaVipassana, Krabi
15) Acharn Saman, Wat PahSatthadham, Korat
16) LP Tiang, Wat LuangPreechakul, Prachinburi
17) PhraKru PitakMachimakhet, Wat TheppitakPunnaram, Korat
18) Acharn Klem, Wat Krasang, Buriram
19) LP Daeng, Wat IndraRam, Samutsongkram
20) Acharn Chaleow, Wat PahKokmon, Loey
21) LP Sitdha Chetawan
22) Acharn KasemSook, Wat PradooDhammaThippat, BKK 

To own such the real good great Somdej 9 Arahants is not easy. But once you own it, it means that you are close to those holy Arahants--they are with you all the time !!

Not many amulets that were mixed with holy bio-substance and materials of Arahants, but this is one. To own an amulet of this kind does not depend on a hugh sum of money but the fate !!  

HTF   =   hard to find
Arahant    =  an enlightened monk who reach the highest Dhamma of Lord Buddha 
Gesa  =   a Thai amuletological term : holy hair
Metta Mahaniyom   =   to be greatly, kindly liked & loved by others 
KlaewKlaad   =   life safty,  free from all harms
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