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Freehand Khom script "Yan NaTorahod"

LP Sie, Wat Sakae
Dimensions: 2.5 X 3.2 cm
Material: Baked clay
Item Ref : ps21423

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HTF LP Sie Mighty Hanuman
HaoPenDaoDuan "NuaPaan"
Wat Sakae, B.E.2519

This is a HTF mighty Hanuman HaoPenDaoDuan "NuaPaan", made and blessed by LP Sie, Wat Sakae, Ayuthaya, in B.E.2519.

NuaPaan = baked-clay content of two-tone colors - flowerpot color interrupted with black.

Most of the amulets of this batch are baked-clay flowerpot color, but this piece is "NuaPaan".

NuaPaan is a propitious characteristic favored by professional collectors. It implies "get through" or success in everything even it's difficult or has lots of obstacles.

The Hanuman was made with primitive technique in the temple by the help of monks. It's simple and innocent look but portraying an elegant aesthetic folk art.

The backside of the Hanuman is a freehand inscribed Khom script of "Yant NaTorahod" which is a greatest Yant for KongKraphanChatri (invincibility) and Klaewklaad (free from all harms).

This is a best and greatest Hanuman amulet for a man with "Rambo" heart who walks ahead and fears nothing. 

Hanuman has immortal life - he will never die. If he gets killed, he will resurrect once the wind blows over him.

Hanuman is the top warrior - the supreme commander of Rama's army in Ramayana epic. He is the conqueror - the winner of all battles. So, he is the greatest symbol for winners and success-ers.

By this aspect, the Hanuman amulet is also best for entrepreneurs or employees of both private sector and governmental who want success and progress in their business or duty jobs.

Hanuman is a greatest warrior and philanderer -
see the pic he is wooing mermaid Supanmatcha who later became his wife.

Hanuman has 6 wives namely Bussamali, Benyakai, Mondho, Warindra, Suwankanyuma, and Supanmatcha.

Now let's see Hanuman's action HaoPenDaoDuan.

HaoPenDaoDuan means Hanuman is spewing the moon and stars. It's the immortal Hanuman's top form of great warrior loaded with formidable weapons such as Phra Kaan, Trisul, etc.

HaoPenDaoDuan is a mighty and immortal Hanuman's posture, he will perform this posture on these occasions:-

a) to show his top mighty power and unconquerability
b) to identify himself of being real Hanuman--not a disquised one
c) to woo ladies - Hanuman has 6 wives, many of whom were wooed by spewing
the moon and stars ( HaoPenDaoDuan )

The LP Sie's Hanuman HaoPenDaoDuan is very efficacious for mighty power, unconquerability, invincibility, and Mahasaneh.

Hanuman HaoPenDaoDuan posture is also a very popular model for
real guy tatooing.

LP Sie was a close disciple of 
LP Klaan Wat Phrayatigaram, a pre-war LP Sie Ayuthayan greatest Guru of the country. LP Sie was junior to the renowned Acharn Heng Praiyawal, but both had the same great teacher--LP Klaan.

LP Klaan's school of Dhamma and incantation practice is so famous. LP Klaan had 4 important and famous disciples viz LP Aant Wat Prayatigaram, Acharn Heng Praiyawal--a layman with great incantation knowledge, LP Sie Wat Sakae, and LP Doo Wat Sakae.

LP Sie had helped so much for Acharn Heng in making amulets before B.E. 2480. After Acharn Heng passing in B.E. 2503, LP Sie began creating his efficacious amulets including the above seen mighty power Hanuman. 

LP Sie was the late Abbot of Wat Sakae. He passed away in B.E. 2522 at the age of 84.

HTF = Hard to find
Hao = to Yawn but here means to "spew "
Pen = to be
Dao = stars
Duan = the moon
Mahasaneh = opposite-sex attractiveness
Phra Kaan = a kind of two-sided, sharp-edged sword
Trisul = trident
Copyright © Lek Watruak
LP Tae Holding
Wat SamNgam
B.E. 2520
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