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国际泰佛牌 by Lek Watruak

White non-stick agent powder seen on the frontside surface confirms its unused condition

White non-stick agent powder seen on the backside surface confirms its unused condition

LP Luesie Lingdam (B.E. 2459-2535)

A Best Amulet for
Great Wealth & Fortune:
HTF Phra PajjekBuddhaChao Mahalarp
LP Luesie Lingdam, B.E. 2534

Dimensions: 2.0 X 2.9 cm
LP Luesie Lingdam's holy powder & LP Parn's original holy powder
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The HTF unused, nice-faced Phra PajjekBuddhaChao Mahalarp with a big piece of Phra BoromDhat or Buddha relic was created & blessed by LP Luesie Lingdam, Wat Thasung, UthaiThani province in B.E. 2534.

Phra PajjekBuddhaChao = Buddha of a minor epoch
Mahalarp = great fortune
Phra BoromDhat = Buddha relic

Many and many have made a great struggle and strong effort for a best and abundant life, but never success. Yes, we cannot win the hard life and bad fate without the help and support of the great holy power behind us.

This is a best amulet for good livings and drawing great Wealth & Fortune. 

The amulets of this kind have been proved for such the great efficacies for more than 25 years. It's intentionally created and blessed for us all by a greatest monk master - LP Luesie Lingdam - who taught us the Rich and the Enhanced Rich Katha.

Frontside of the amulet is Phra PajjekBuddhaChao sitting on Smadhi posture. And a big piece of Buddha relic was originally inlaid from the temple as seen on the face-level background.

The backside has a short phrase of Enhanced Rich Katha Version read: 

Nasangsimo Sampajitchami
Peng Peng Pha Pha Ha Ha Lue Lue

Phra PajjekBuddhaChao:
During a very long time gap between each Buddha epoch, one or more Phra PajjekBuddhaChao will incarnate in that period. Their Buddhahood task mainly stress on relieving troubles and supporting good livings to people.

Phra PajjekBuddhaChao is the original owner of the Rich Katha. And the Katha was taught by LP Parn to his close disciple - LP Luesie Lingdam.

Later the Katha was enhanced by the suggestion of Lord Buddha via LP Luesie Lingdam's JhanaSmabat (ultra medition).

LP Parn Wat BangNomkho paid his high respect and faith to Phra PajjekBuddhaChao and his Rich Katha. LP Parn always chanted the Rich Katha in his daily life.

LP Parn also taught this Katha to his layman disciple - Mr Prayong. Later, Mr Praong became a billionaire and supported fund for LP Parn's construction and renovation projects in so many temples.

For LP Lusie Lingdam - a most important disciple of LP Parn, he chanted the Enhanced Rich Katha Version to attract very flowing donation to Wat Thasung for construction projects until the temple was successfully finished. The temple is elegant and beautiful with a total religious property asset value of about 1 billion THB by now !!

Phra PajjekBuddhaChao Mahalarp amulets of this batch are very important that LP Luesie Lingdam intentionally created and blessed for people to have good livings, great Wealth & Fortune. So, the amulet is a MUST for everyone. 

LP Luesie Lingdam blessed the amulets the same way as his teachers (LP Parn and LP Lek) had done. This is why the amulets are so efficacious for Wealth and Fortune attraction !!

LP Luesie Lingdam was a high ranking monk. His full monkhood name was Phra RajPhromYarn. He was a most important and closest disciple of LP Parn, Wat BangNomkho and also ordained by LP Parn.

LP Luesie Lingdam had learned so many Buddhakom and ultra Dhamma practices from his teacher, and later became the Abbot of Wat BangNomkho during B.E. 2492-2500. 

It's LP Luesie Lingdam who was the first to recount LP Parn's biography to public--most of LP Parn's biographical story we read were from his mouth. And also it was he who taught Phra PajjekBuddhaChao's Rich Katha and the Enhanced version to people. 

LP Luesie Lingdam was always in "Jhana" (ultra meditative state), his six senses was fully opening all the time. He had magic eyes & ears that could see and hear what ordinary people could not. He could foresee future events correctly.

LP Luesie Lingdam learned Supra Dhamma directly from Lord Buddha by meditating deeply and making out-of-bodying to Nipphan celestial where Lord Buddha present. He created and blessed amulets with the guidance of Lord Buddha.  

In B.E.2511, LP Luesie Lingdam had made Dhamma journey to upper provinces for a long years and later settled at the nearly deserted Wat Thasung, UthaiThani. Later he became the Abbot of Wat Thasung and led people to help construct the temple successfully.

LP Luesi Lingdam passed away in B.E. 2535 at the age of 75. His body is immortal-- undecomposed. 

Now the Phra PajjekBuddhaChao Mahalarps is a rare amulet. Having money doesn't mean that you could always purchase one - it's rather upon a good fate !!

HTF = hard to find
Mahalarp = great fortune   
Phra BoromDhat = Buddha relic
Buddhakom = Buddhistic incantation
Guti = monk house
Katha = Mantra

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