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  LP Chong- one of the greatest monk masters of WWII period. This photo was taken in B.E. 2483  
Dimensions:  2.1 X 2.9 cm
baked clay mixed with ground Ayuthayan amulets of old time   
Item Ref: pch70658
HTF LP Chong Baked Clay NangPhaya
Phim Yai, Lang Riab
Wat NatangNok, B.E. 2500
This is a HTF LP Chong baked clay NangPhaya Phim Yai, Lang Riab, B.E.2500. The NangPhaya has nice and complete facial organs.

The NangPhaya's extension names: 

Phim Yai  = big mold
Lang Riab  = flat-back; Lang = back, Riab = flat

The NangPhaya has complete facial organs - the nose, eyes, and mouth of Buddha image are sharp and clearly seen.      

NangPhaya literally means an EMPRESS, but in Thai amuletology it practically has masculine implication for grand appearance on victory, powerful, grand elegant, and charismatic etc - just like an EMPEROR.

NangPhaya amulet characteristics:  any amulet of triangle shape with a sitting Buddha on the frontside, the right hand of the Buddha image putting on the knee while the left hand putting on the lap. 

The baked-clay NangPhaya was mixed with ground old baked-clay amulets (damaged pieces) from two old Ayuthayan important temples viz Wat Trakai and Wat BangKating.

The LP Chong NangPhaya has high efficacies and properties on Metta, KlaewKlaad and fortune.

LP Chong has been highly respected as a top great monk master of the country. He attained ultra Dhamma and finished Buddhistic incantations, and widely admired as a monk master of great mercy - even LP Parn of Wat BangNomkho called him "a golden monk".

LP Chong and LP Parn are close friends of each other, they have same great teachers-- LP Paan of Wat Pikul and LP Soon of Wat BangPlamoh.           

LP Chong finished highest Dhamma of PatiSamphithaYarn, so he could shorten a long distance and reach any destination at a short time. LP Chong made and blessed amulets of many kinds, such as mini statues, baked-clay amulets, holy powder amulets, Takrut, Sua Yant, Phayant, and Rians of various types; all have been proved by people and soldiers in WWII, Korean War, and Vietnam War for their high efficacies and properties on Metta, KlaewKlaad, KongkraphanChatri.

LP Chong passed away at the age of 93 on Makha Boocha day of Feb 17, B.E. 2508, which hinted us his extremely great monkhood status.  

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Metta   =  to be kindly loved by others
KlaewKlaad   =  free from all harms, life safty
KongkraphanChatri   =  invincibility
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