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LP Hin (B.E.2442-2521)

HTF LP Hin Somdej
Phim Okkrut Klang
Chae NamMont
Wat Rakang, B.E. 2484

Dimensions: 2.4 X 3.5 cm
ground fragments of old-version SWR + LP Hin's holy powder
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This is a HTF LP Hin Somdej, Phim Okkrut Klang, Chae Nammont, Wat Rakang, B.E.2484. The Somdej is one of LP Hin's early-period amulets.

Okkrut = Garuda chest
Klang = medium size
Chae Nammont = soaked in holy water

Around 30-40 % of the LP Hin Somdej of this Phim (mold) have cracks on the surface. The surface cracks are one of important marks to authenticate its authenticity - please see the above pic.

The Somdej was soaked in holy water for a moderate time, it caused sandy surface occuring on both front- and backside.

The Somdej was mixed with LP Hin's holy powder together with a large quantity of fine ground fragments of old-version Somdej Wat Rakang (SWR).

A SWR created & blessed by Somdej Toh, Wat Rakang is multi-million THB in price. It may touch 70 million THB for a complete top piece, but the LP Hin's Somdej is a best substitution to a very expensive SWR at economy cost.

LP Hin practiced ultra Dhamma and was very able in Buddhist incantation. He very highly respected Somdej Toh and followed Somdej Toh's Dhamma path. LP Hin lived in the temple - Wat Rakang- where Somdej had once lived.

In every blessing ceremony, an empty seat for Somdej Toh would be prepared. Then LP Hin would meditate and invite Somdej Toh to come and preside over the blessing ceremony.

LP Hin blessed his Somdej amulets with ChinaPanchara (ChinnaBanChorn) Katha - the same as Somdej Toh had done for his so famous and efficacious SWRs.

This is why LP Hin Somdejs are so efficacious - the same as of Somdej Toh's SWRs.

LP Hin was a jungle and pilgrimage monk, he made on-foot pilgrimage to Burma and Laos through jungle tracks. LP Hin lived at Wat ThangLuang, Ayuthaya for 11 years.

LP Hin permanently lived in Wat Rakang since B.E.2478 by the invitation of LP Nak -the then Abbot of the temple. He lived there for 43 years and collected a great deal of broken Somdej Wat Rakang of which later he brought those holy objects to grind and mix in his amulets.

LP Hin was a senior monk master of Wat Rakang. Even LP Hin was around 10 years junior to LP Nak--the Abbot, but he was highly accepted and respected by LP Nak for incantation knowledge.

After B.E.2500, LP Nak often busy for invitation to join blessing ceremonies, many times that the LP Nak's holy powder for making Somdej amulets was prepared by LP Hin.

When LP Hin was still alive, a throng of people often gather in front of his Guti waiting for Somdej amulets presented by LP Hin himself.

LP Hin was invited to join so many famous, important consecration ceremonies sush as Wat Prasart in B.E. 2506, 100 Pee Wat Rakang B.E.2515, Phra Kring 84 Years Siriraj B.E. 2517, etc.

LP Hin passed away in B.E.2521 at the age of 79.

Somdej Toh = Somdej PhraPhuttacharn (Toh), B.E. 2331-2415, the famous former Abbot of Wat Rakang

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