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About 30-40 % of LP Lampoo Somdejs have shallow crators on the backside which help us easily to identify its authenticity

LP Lampoo (B.E.2444-2533)

HTF LP Lampoo Somdej
Phim Yai KesJodSoom
Wat BangKhunphrom, B.E.2502

Dimensions: 2.3 X 3.5 cm
 Holy powder + ground Somdej BKP of old version
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This is a HTF LP Lampoo's Somdej Phim Yai KesJodSoom, created & blessed by LP Lampoo - the then deputy Abbot of Wat BangKhunphrom (BKP) in B.E.2502.

KesJodSoom = the long head stem that touching the top arch

As we know LP Lampoo Somdejs were mixed with Somdej BKP ground fragments. But the above seen item was mixed with a large quantity of such the fragments, so it looks "Nua Jaad" and so much like multi-million Somdej BKP of old version [ blessed by Somdej PhraPhutdhacharn (Toh) between B.E. 2410-2413 ].

This means that wearing the LP Lampoo Somdej is like wearing an extremely expensive Somdej BKP.

click here to view its jumbo-sized pic and see how its content looking like a Somdej BKP of old version.

So, if you want to own a BKP-content Somdej by paying a smallest amount of money, the above seen LP Lampoo Somdej is recommended.

The Somdej is easy to identify its authenticity by its natural crators on the backside. Please see the above pic, shallow crators can be seen by naked eyes by tilting the backside to an appropriate angel.

It's roughly estimated that about 30-40 % of LP Lampoo Somdej have natural crators.

LP Lampoo crator-back Somdejs are preferred by professional collectors because they are easy to authenticate WITHOUT ANY ARGUMENT.

Many long years that LP Lampoo picked up and collected broken old-version Somdej BKPs from around the temple's main Chedi ground left by thefts who had stolen old-version Somdej BKP from the ventilated holes of the Chedi.

The thefts only wanted complete form amulets to sell for money and pay no attention on those nobody-want broken items.

Moreover, in the year B.E. 2500 the main Chedi of Wat BangKhunphrom was officially opened, LP Lampoo was then the deputy chairman of the audit committee.

All good-conditioned, old-version Somdej BKPs were distributed as gift for people who donated for the temple. While a large part of broken Somdej BKP of zero value at that time were well kept by LP Lampoo.

In B.E. 2502, the broken old-version Somdej BKP were ground and LP Lampoo brought to mix with his holy powder to make Somdej amulets of various molds.

LP Lampoo Somdej can be worn as a substitution to the multi-million THB old-version Somdej BKP. And this is why many smart amulet dealers wear LP Lampoo Somdej while selling the very expensive old-version Somdej BKP.

LP Lampoo was born in a small town called "Tambon Gaijon", ThaRua district, Ayuthaya province - the same town in which Somdej Phra PhutDhacharn (Toh) of Wat Rakang had been born in B.E. 2331 (and passed away in B.E 2415)

LP Lampoo lived a long life in his monkhood for nearly 60 years and passed away in B.E.2533 at the age of 89.   

瓦曼昆鄱寺 = 瓦买阿妈达洛寺
Wat BangKhunphrom = Wat MaiAmaTaRos

HTF = hard to find
Phim = mold
KesJodSoom = a long head stem that touching the arch
Nua Jaad = strong, slightly greasy and shinning look

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