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国际泰佛牌 by Lek Watruak

LP Pae's symbolic Yant BudhSon on the backside

Very thin parallel lines at the side edges

Very thin parallel lines at the side edges

A Takrut was inserted at the center of bottom edge

LP Pae (B.E. 2448 - 2542)

LP Pae's Once & Forever Creation:
KhunPaen, PhimYai
Wat PikulThong, B.E.2522

Dimensions: 2.7 X 4.9 cm
Wat Suthat + Somdej Toh holy powder formulas
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This is a very efficacious KhunPaen PhimYai (big mold), created and blessed by LP Pae, Wat PikulThong, in B.E.2522.

The LP Pae's KhunPaen is very famous for Metta and opposite-sex attractiveness. It can be used as a substitution to old efficacious KhunPaens of Wat BanKrang, Wat Yai Chaimongkol, and Wat PhraYatiGaram (LP Aant).

For nearly 40 years that LP Pae KhunPaens have made really great impression in among young men for Metta, opposite-sex attractiveness, and fortune. 

LP Pae's KhunPaens are so efficacious because the holy powder for making the KhunPaens were prepared with Wat Suthat and Somdej Phra PhutDhacharn ( Toh ) Wat Rakang formulas.

Before making holy powder, LP Pae would meditate to utmost state to clean his mind.

At that great state, he wrote a Katha on the air by his empty hand, holy powder would drop down from mid-air to the floor.

LP Pae highly respected Somdej Phra PhutDhacharn (Toh) of Wat Rakang. His KhunPaens were consecrated by specific Maha Metta Kathas, and ended up with ChinnaBanchorn (ChinaPanjara) Katha of Somdej Phra PhutDhacharn (Toh) for a Trimas (Buddhists' 3-month lent period).

LP Pae made and blessed KhunPaens of this batch only once and forever in B.E.2522. The reason is that his KhunPaens are very efficacious, a lot of love hunters abraded the KhunPaens for efficacious powder and brought to mix in food or refreshment for ladies.

Such the misuses were reported to LP Pae. Since then he never made and blessed KhunPaen amulets again.

LP Pae was a disciple of Acharn Kliang and ChaoKhun Sri (Sondh) of Wat Suthat. ChaoKhun Sri (Sondh) was Somdej Phra Sangkharaj (Pae)'s closest disciple and succeeded famous Wat Suthat PhraKring making from his teacher.

He later furthered his higher Dhamma and incantation study with LP Sri of Wat Phraprang, a most famous and greatest teacher of Singhburi Province.

LP Pae was one of the top great monk masters of the country of B.E. 2500 and after. He was a very able master for Buddhistic incantation.

He was a top master who was invited most to join important consecration ceremonies, such as :-
- 25 Buddhasattawas (B.E. 2500)
- Wat Prasart, BKK - B.E. 2506
- Wat Viharnkao, Singhburi - B.E. 2509
- Wat Thepprasart, Chonburi - B.E. 2512
- Wat PhraSriRatanaMahathat, Pitsanulok - B.E.2515 (MahaJakkrapatBuddhaPisek)
- Wat PahLaelai, Suphanburi - B.E. 2515
- Wat Ratanachai, Ayuthaya - B.E. 2518 (JaturapithPornchai)

LP Pae passed away in B.E. 2542 at the age of 94.

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