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The LP Waen Leela in its original box

LP Waen Leela in a premium silver
casing (waterproof), crafted by goldsmith

LP Waen (B.E.2430-2528)

Dimensions: 1.6 X 3.5 cm
Material(s): Holy powder
Item Ref: pw37040
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HTF LP Waen Leela ThoongSetthi
For Wealth & Fortune
Wat DoiMaePang, B.E. 2517

This is a HTF (hard to find), fine & elegant, unused Leela ThoongSetthi, initiated by Wat Samphandhawong and blessed by LP Waen of Wat DoiMaePang, Chiangmai, in B.E.2517.

The Buddha image's face is around the size of a soybean seed, but its facial organs are complete, sharp and clear--really elegant look !!.

The Leela is a LP Waen popular mold due to the initiation of Wat Samphandha- wong which was the patron temple for Wat DoiMaePang where LP Waen was living. All LP Waen amulets initiated and distributed by Wat Samphandhawong have been accepted as LP Waen's official and popular molds.

Leela or walking Buddha is a major symbol for prosperity, wealth & fortune, family harmony, life & career progress and achievement.

ThoongSetthi is the extension name. It is the name of an area in KamPaengpetch province where the efficacious, expensive, old-time Leela amulets were found. Thoong = field, Setthi = millionaire.

Leela ThoongSetthi is a very good great, favorable name for amulets implying their efficacies for prosperity, wealth & fortune, family harmony, life progress, career promotion, and achievement both personal life and work. So, it is a MUST amulet for anyone who wants real prosperity, happiness, and all achievement.

LP Waen is widely known as a great Arahant of present period, and was a disciple of Acharn Mun, the greatest Vipassana Guru of the Northeastern region who lived between B.E. 2413-2492. LP Waen followed his teacher's steps by travelling and living in the deep jungles to practice his ultra Dhamma and later finished.

In a very bad weather day when LP Waen was still alive, an airline pilot was straying in the high sky while flying over Chiangmai with nearly run-out fuel. He begged to LP Waen for help otherwise the plane may be crashed or straying into Burma sky. Just a moment afterward, he saw LP Waen was sitting Smadhi in the sky and descently guiding him down for soft & safty landing to Chiangmai airport.

The airline pilot later rush to Wat Doi Maepang and pay a high respect to LP Waen. After prostrating, he talk to LP Waen, "Luang Poo, I saw you sitting meditation in the sky and guide me a soft landing to the airport, so I came here to pay you a high respect and thank you."

LP Waen humblingly replied:

" I am just a very old monk and have no wings, do you still think I am a bird ?"

In the year 2520, I and 2 other special guests had a good chance to pay a respect to LP Waen. He blessed me with a short Pali Katha and blew my head, I was shivering as if struck by a very cold wind. Even he was so old at that moment but his mind power was reversedly so great.

LP Waen passed away in B.E. 2528 at the age of 99. After cremation, his bones became Phra Dhat or Arahant relics--some are opague while some are crystal like.
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LP Tae RoopMuan
Holding GumanThong
Wat SamNgam
B.E. 2520
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