Wiki Thai Amulets International
by Lek Watruak
  Left: Money bag--the symbol of Wealth & Fortune
Right: Garuda--the symbol of MahaAmnaj (charismatic power) 
  1) LP  Waen's Katha over the money bag and Garuda
2) Blessing phrase at the backside's bottom edge read "Rian MahaSetthi MangMee TalodGal" which means the Billionaire Rian For Forever Prosperity
  Scratching lines at the side edge caused by the edge-cut chopping machine--this is an important feature of a real item  
Diameter:  2.9  cm 
Item Ref:  pwn64236
HTF LP Waen Rian MahaSetthi
For Wealth & Fortune
Wat Doi MaePang, B.E.2520
This is a HTF, unused, complete condition of LP Waen MahaSetthi (billionaire) Rian, Wat Doi MaePang, Chiangmai, B.E.2520. The backside of the Rian features a money bag and a Garuda implies a great wealth / fortune and MahaAmnaj (charismatic power) properties.

At the backside's top edge over the money bag and Garuda there is the LP Waen's main major Katha: Buddho Arahang, Dhammo Arahang, Sangkho Arahang.

Meanwhile at the backside's bottom edge there is a LP Waen's blessing phrase
reads "Rian MahaSethi MangMee TalodGal" which means the Billionaire Rian For Forever Prosperity. So, this is a MUST Rian for everybody who wants prosperity and charismatic power.   

LP Waen is widely known as a great Arahant of present period. His bones after cremation became Phra Dhat or Arahant relics. LP Waen was a disciple of Acharn Mun, a greatest Dhamma practice master of Northeastern region who lived between B.E. 2413-2492. LP Waen followed his teacher's steps by travelling and living in the deep jungles to practice his ultra Dhamma and later finished.

In a very-bad-weather day when LP Waen was still alive, an airline pilot was straying in the high sky while flying over Chiangmai with nearly run-out fuel. He begged to LP Waen for help otherwise the plane may be crashed or straying into Burma sky. Just a moment afterward, he saw LP Waen was sitting Smadhi in the sky and descently guiding him down for soft & safty landing to Chiangmai airport.

The airline pilot later rush to Wat Doi Maepang and pay a high respect to LP Waen. After prostrating, he talk to LP Waen, "Luang Poo, I saw you sitting meditation in the sky and guide me a soft landing to the airport, so I came here to pay you a high respect and thank you."

LP Waen humblingly replied:
" I am just a very old monk and have no wings, do you still think I am a bird ?"    

In the year 2520, I and other 3 special guests had a good chance to pay a respect to LP Waen. He blessed me with a short Pali Katha and blew my head, I was shivering as if struck by a very strong cold wind. Even he was so old at that moment but his mind power was extremely great !       

LP Waen passed away in B.E. 2528 at the age of 99. After cremation, his bones became Phra Dhat or Arahant relics --some are opague while some are clear crystal like.

Rian  = medallion
MahaSetthi   = billionaire
MangMee   = prosperity
TalodGal    = forever, eternal
MahaAmnaj   = charismatic power  
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