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Big SWR fragment chip

Big SWR fragment chips

LP Nak (B.E. 2427-2514)

VHTF LP Nak Somdej SoomRakang
w/ Rich SWR Fragments
Wat Rakang, Late 2490s

Dimensions: 2.6 X 3.8 cm
LP Nak's holy powder + old-version SWR fragments
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This is a VHTF, unused and well-preserved Somdej SoomRakang with rich SWR fragments, made and blessed in late 2490s by LP Nak, the late Abbot of Wat Rakang.

SoomRakang = bell-shaped housing

The Somdej has rich fragments of old-version Somdej Wat Rakang (SWR) as seen floating over its front- and backside surface of more than 18 locations. Please see the above map pics.

This is an ideal LP Nak Somdej for professionals. Please click the below links to view the Somdej jumbo-sized pics:

- Jumbo-sized pic (front)
- Jumbo-sized pic (back)

Believe it or not ! This is an amulet hidden in the shirt pocket of many amulet dealers who sell multi-million THB Somdej Wat Rakang or other Benjaphakee amulets !!

The reason is that they know the absolute fact that a tiny SWR fragment or even a molecular particle has same efficacies & properties as its full, complete SWR item without any difference !!

They are very smart because they pay a little sum of money for an amulet of multi-million THB equality value !! So why don't we ?!

Certainly, the LP Nak Somdej SoomRakang can be used as a substitution to a multi-million THB old-version SWR with same properties and efficacies.
So why pay a very big valued, hard-earned upto 50 millions THB for an old-version SWR while a very...very...much cheaper LP Nak Somdej with old-verion SWR fragments is a best smart choice !!

The Somdej has more than 60 years age old right now, thanks to previous owners who did well on preservating the item.

The LP Nak Somdej SoomRakang's properties are broadly covering as of the old-version SWR, such as life protection, Metta, life & career progress, wealth & fortune, family harmony, etc.

LP Nak was one of the greatest Gurus of the country since World War II, contemporarily with many great LPs viz LP Jaad-Wat Bangkrabao, LP Chong - Wat Natang Nok, LP Kong- Wat Bangkraphom, LP (Y)ie- Wat Sattaheep, LP Lua-Wat Sao ChaNgok, etc.

LP Nak was invited to bless the two important amulets, one is Indochine Buddha Chinnaraj mini statue in B.E.2485 and the other the Phra Leela 25 Buddha Sattawas in B.E.2500.

LP Nak attained highest Dhamma; as widely said in among advanced Dhamma-practice monks that when he was blessing amulets, his meditative power was emitting very large bright, cold beam covering all amulets before him--implying great properties for his amulets on Metta and Klaew Klaad.

LP Nak passed away in B.E.2514 at the age of 87.

VHTF = very hard to find
SWR = old-version Somdej Wat Rakang of 2410s, created & blessed by Somdej Toh of Wat Rakang
SoomRakang = bell-shaped housing
BenjaPhakee = the great-grand-five amulets of multi-million THB value, such as Somdej Wat Rakang, Somdej Bakhunphrom, NangPhaya, PhongSuphan, Phra Rod, Kampaeng SoomGor, Kampaeng MedKhanoon.
Klaew Klaad = life safty, free from all harms

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