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The above pictures are SIANPHRA, a most well-known and top-circulationed Thai amulet magazine. LEK WATRUAK was the Executive Editor for the magazine for 20 years.

About Lek Watruak
"Lek Watruak" is the author's very well-known penname which has been used for writing Thai amulets for more than 30 years.

Lek, a native Bangkokian, was born to Chinese parants and grew up in Bangkok's Chinatown outskirt area of Chinese community.

Lek had graduated a Bachelor degree from Thailand's oldest and most famous Chulalongkorn University and furthered higher studies in the United States.

Lek is one of the most famous Thai amulets magazine pioneers, and was the Executive Editor for a most famous Thai amulets magazine SianPhra for 20 years.

Lek has written more than 2,000 Thai amulet articles and features as well as more than 10 best-seller books on Thai amulets.

Since 1999 that Lek has been writing for his own Thai amulet websites to serve Thai amulet enthusiasts around the world.

Apart from writing job, Lek also oversees his personal business related to computer fields.      

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Somdej Wat Rakang
(A Benjaphakee)
500 Pages
(A Benjaphakee)
500 Pages
Luang Phor
482 Pages
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(A Benjaphakee)
756 Pages
Phra Rod
(A Benjaphakee)
692 Pages
A compilation Book of
King Rama V
Assorted Coins & Medals
516 Pages
The above front covers of some amulet books were written by LEK WATRUAK. And many more have been written by him such as LP Parn of Wat BangNomKho, LP Sod of Wat Paknam, Dhan Chao Khun Nor of Wat Dhepsirin, LP Tae KongThong of Wat SamNgam, LP Toh of Wat Pradoo Chimplee, etc.
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