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The Buddha image has sharp and clear eyes

A slight ring at the Khom letter base

Plained area around the center dot - NO satellite spots over or around the dot

ChaoKhun Nor (B.E.2440-2514)

HTF DCKN Rian Prok Jarae
"Block Thongkam"
Wat Dhepsirin, B.E.2513

Dimensions: 2.4 X 3.5 cm
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The above copper Prok Jarae rian is called "Block Thongkam" (gold mold). It was created in B.E. 2513 by Police Lt General Chana WongChaUm and blessed by Dhan ChaoKhun Nor (DCKN) in Dec 5 that year.

Block = a word popularly used Thai collectors referred to "mold"
Thongkam = gold

It's socalled "Block Thongkam" because it has same important features and authentication marks as of
GOLD Prok Jarae rians.

At the first start for Prok Jarae rians production, 9 gold and 100 silver including a number of copper rians were produced at the early stage. All of these rians have the most highlight on the backside: plained area around the center circular dot - NO satellite spots over or around the dot (see the above pic).

Due to the backside's stamping mold gradual damage, it consequently originated the 4 other different backside molds:-

a) Two-spotted mold (Phim SongJood)
b) Three-spotted mold (Phim SarmJood)
c) Five-spotted mold (Phim HaJood)
d) Spreading-spotted mold (Phim DaoKrajai)

All these 4 molds have satellite spots over or around the center dot.

Prok Jarae rians were created for raising fund to renovate Wat UmPhutdharam which had long been being under Police Lt General Chana WongChaUm's patronage.

By the good merit intention of Pol Lt Gen Chana and by the blessing specifically conducted by DCKN, the rians of this batch have later brought about so many and many miraculous experiences on life protection and fortune.

DCKN is highly respected as a greatest monk master of post B.E. 2500. He ordained for 46 years since B.E.2468 and was an ultra-high Dhamma practice monk.

DCKN was a strict vegetarian and took only one meal a day, and never stepped out the temple but simulated his Kuti (monk house) as a quiet jungle for practicing until reaching ultra-high Dhamma.

As recorded by advanced Dhamma monks, DCKN possess special knowledge on precognition and mind detection. He could detect people mind and knew his own passing date in advance.

One day before his passing, he told his nephew not to deliver him a pack of cereal food anymore and also hinted his close neighboring monk that the day he was not present at the Bosth for chanting would mean the day of his death.

DCKN passed away in early B.E.2514 at the age of 75, with his hands joined together paying the last respect to Lord Buddha.

As told by high ranking monks, his cremated relics later became crystal-like materials or Phra Dhat which hints us his highest Dhamma attainment (Arahantship).  

Due to DCKN's absolute cleanness and his ultra Dhamma attainment, all amulets blessed by him are so efficacious in Metta, wealth & fortune, and life protection.

Rian = medallion
Prok = abbrv. for Nak Prok (NaGa Sheltered)
Jarae = The General Inspector of Police Bureau, referred to Pol Lt Gen Chana    
Bosth = the main hall of a temple for important religious activities & ceremonies

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