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Two copper Takruts were orginally embedded at the backside

Verification Mark 1: a short vertical line attached to the body's side of the Buddha image

Verification Mark 2: a thin parallel line floating a little bit over the amulet's bottom edge

LP Sakorn (B.E.2481-2556)


LP Sakorn Khunpaen PraiGuman
"Roon Phapah", Phim Yai
Wat NongKrub, B.E.2546

Dimensions: 2.8 X 4.1 cm
Materials: LP Sakorn's holy powder + LP Tim's Phong PraiGuman

This is a nice and elegant LP Sakorn Khunpaen PraiGuman Roon Phapah, Phim Yai with two copper Takruts, Wat NongKrub, B.E.2546. The Khunpaen is unused, and has beautiful facial organs.

The extension name of Khunpaen of this batch is "Roon Phapah"--just because they were gifts presented to people who joined "PhaPah" merit making ceremony.

Phim Yai = big mold

KhunPaen of this batch were made and blessed by LP Sakorn for 5,000 pcs. And all metal blocks (molds)
were destroyed by LP Sakorn himself.

The price of a LP Tim KhunPaen Phong PraiGuman is so steep now-- it nearly touches 2 million THB.
But the LP Sakorn KhunPaen "Roon Phapah" with same equal properties and efficacies as of LP Tim's version just costs so much cheaper and can be wearing as a substitution to LP Tim's.

The above seen LP Sakorn Khunpaen "Roon Phapah" is "DooNgai" -- a professionals' colloquial term for "easy to verify".

Khunpaens of this batch have two important verification marks, one at the frontside and the other at the backside bottom:

Verification Mark 1 (frontside): there is a short vertical line attached to the body's side of the Buddha image.

Verification Mark 2 (backside bottom): there is a thin parallel line floating a little bit over the amulet's bottom edge.

LP Sakorn Khunpaens "Roon PhaPah" B.E.2546 are so efficacious for Metta and opposite-sex attractiveness because they were mixed with LP Tim's Phong PraiGuman and consecrated with the same LP Tim's method.

So the Khunpaen can well be invited onto the neck as a substitution to LP Tim's expensive Khunpaen Phong PraiGuman with the same efficacies and properties--especially on Metta and lady attractiveness.

LP Sakorn was a closest disciple of LP Tim, he learned so much incantations from his teacher. LP Sakorn lived with and served LP Tim since he was 15.

He was ordained a monk in B.E. 2501, and learned incantations with LP Tim since then. It's in B.E. 2526, nine year after LP Tim passed away, LP Sakorn learned with LP Koon of Wat Banrai on extra incantations for some special amulet creation.

LP Sakorn was the most important successor of LP Tim for incantation knowledge. When LP Tim was still alive he publicly told that after his passing away LP Sakorn would sit his place because LP Sakorn had learned so much incantation knowledge from him.

LP Sakorn was the great former Abbot of Wat Nongkrub, Rayong Province. He passed away in B.E. 2556 at the age of 75 after ordaining for his monkhood for 55 years - his holy body is undecomposed.

LP Sakorn was highly respected as one of the greatest monk masters of the eastern region for present period.  

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