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LP Tae (B.E.2434-2524)

HTF LP Tae KhunPaen SoomRuankaew
Wat SamGnam, Nakonpathom

Dimensions: 2.5 X 4.1 cm
Baked clay

This is a HTF LP Tae KhunPaen SoomRuenkaew, B.E. 2503. The Buddha image's are in complete condition. The KhunPaen backside was imprinted with LP Tae's name "Luang Phor Tae".

SoomRuenkaew is the specific extension name. SoomRuenkaew is a temple-roof-like housing shaded over the sitting Buddha image.

1) The Buddha image's face looks so powerful like Garuda's face which called in Thai amuletology as "NahKrut", Nah = face, Krut = Garuda. Any amulet that has this characteristic will also carries MahaAmnaj property, so it's prefered by veteran professional collectors.

2) Hard and strong content: special fat clay found in some locations of a paddy field was dug and used to make KhunPaens of this batch. And they were burned with a rather high temperature resulting hard and strong content.

3) Some of the LP Tae KhunPaens have natural white ore floating on the surface. White ore is naturally mixed in paddy field's fat clay. White ore is an important characterisic of the KhunPaen of this kind - it's one of the most important criteria for authentication.

The LP Tae KhunPaen has great properties for opposite-sex attractiveness, life safty, and power. The SoomRuenkaew housing shaded over the sitting Buddha image also implies protection and happiness.

LP Tae was a greatest post-war monk master. He created so efficacious KhunPaens and GumanThongs (GMT) before WWII. The above KhunPaen has been wellknown for various efficacies and properties for many ten years, and is rather hard to find (HTF) now.  

LP Tae finished various fields of incantation including MahaMetta, MahaSaneh, life safty, goodluck and wealth & fortune.

It's recounted that a tycoon founder of the top-circulationed Thai newspaper highly respected LP Tae.

LP Tae was invited to check and choose a land for the newspaper's new office and publishing house. Later, when the construction was finished, LP Tae was invited to perform blessing chant for the new office and their printing machines.

LP Tae was often invited to perform blessing chant at the newspaper's office so many times for goodluck, wealth & fortune, and everlasting business.

The newspaper has been the country's number-one circulation for many ten years up until now. Now it has highest investment capital for daily newspaper industry of the country.

LP Tae was a close disciple of LP Dha of Wat PaniangTaek, a pre-war great monk master of NakonPathom Province.

In around B.E.2470, a few years after LP Dha's passing, LP Tae went to learn higher Dhamma, advanced incantation including GMT making from LP Chaem of Wat Takong who was a greatest monk master in WWII period. 

LP Tae created and blessed KhunPaen amulets for several molds. The above KhunPaen SoomRuenKaew is a standard and famous item from his creation. 

LP Tae passed away in B.E. 2524 at the age of 90.

SamGnam = trident (
MahaAmnaj = great power
SoomRuenkaew = a temple-roof-like housing shaded over the sitting Buddha image
NahKrut = Garuda-face like
MahaMetta  = to be kindly liked and loved by others
MahaSaneh  = to be greatly attractive

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