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The Somdej was painted with "Chad" (red lacquer) and then pasted with gold leaves

ChaoKhun Nor (B.E. 2440-2514)

VHTF ChaoKhun Nor
Somdej Sairoong for "Kammakarn"
Wat Silakhan, Angthong province

Dimensions: 2.5 X 4.0 cm
Holy powder
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This is a VHTF ChaoKhun Nor (CKN) Somdej Sairoong pasted with gold leaves for Kammakarn, created by ChaoKhun SilakhanSophon (CKS), the then Abbot of Wat Silakhan, in the mid B.E.2513 and blessed by CKN, Wat Dhepsirin on Dec 5th, B.E.2513.

Sairoong = rainblow

The pasted gold-leaf Somdejs were made for a small number and distributed as gift for the temple's Kammakarn (aka patrons) and high ranking officials who devoted their help task for the temple.

The Somdej was painted with "Chad" (red lacquer) and then pasted with gold leaves. Pasting gold leaves on the Somdej must be made each by each by hand with industrious effort.

Please see the above close-up pics, you will see red lacquer foundation for gold leaves to attached to. It's an old-time technique as done on antique amulets and Buddha statues, so this is a VHTF item and invaluable.

CKS was a close disciple of Somdej Phra PhutdhaKosacharn (Charoen Yana- Warathera) as same as CKN. CKS had lived in Wat DhepSirin for a long years before moving to Wat Silakhan.

CKN and CKS had very good relationship to each other. Both were ordained by the Somdej Phra PhutdhaKosacharn, the then Abbot of Wat Dhepsirin. This means that both had the same great teacher.

Every morning & evening chanting at the main hall(Bosth), CKS would sit behind CKN. It was CKS who received most Dhamma teaching from the senior CKN.

CKS was later appointed to be the Abbot of Wat Silakhan in Angthong Province which located some 90 km north of Bangkok.  

CKS was the most important person who helped make Somdej Phra Phutdha- Kosacharn's 1st batch Somdej SongNam B.E.2487 and the 2nd batch B.E.2493 SongNam of Korean War mold. The holy powder and the SongNam amulets of the 2 batches were blessed by CKN, and they are now expensive in price.

All amulets created by CKS in B.E.2513 were distributed for free by his great merit intention. As time passed by for nearly 50 years, all of his amulets now become HTF items while some are VHTF stuffs.

The Somdej Sairoong is extremely great for Metta, wealth & fortune, business flourish, and life safty. The amulet is very recommended for everyone because it's covering all efficacies and properties with an economy price.


CKN is highly respected as a greatest monk master of the modern age. He ordained for 46 years since B.E.2468 and was an ultra-high Dhamma practice monk.

He was a strict vegetarian and took only one meal a day. He never stepped out the temple but simulated his Guti (monk house) to become a quiet jungle for practicing until reaching ultra-high Dhamma.

As recorded by advanced Dhamma monks, CKN had special knowledge on precognition and mind detection. He could detect people mind and he knew his own passing date in advance.

One day before his passing, he told his nephew not to deliver him a pack of cereal food anymore and also hinted his close neighboring monk that the day he was not present at the Bosth for chanting would mean the day of his death.

CKN passed away in early B.E.2514 at the age of 75, with his hands joined together paying the last respect to Lord Buddha.

As told by high ranking monks, his cremated relics later became crystal-like materials or PhraDhat which hints us his highest Dhamma attainment.  

Due to his absolute cleanness and his ultra Dhamma attainment, all amulets blessed by CKN are so efficacious for Metta, wealth & fortune, and life safty.

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