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国际泰佛牌 by Lek Watruak

The tiger-skin Takrut was wrapped with acrylic plastic

LP Pern (B.E. 2466-2545)

Efficacious Takrut For Real Guys:
HTF LP Pern's Tiger-skin Takrut
Wat BangPhra, Late 2530s

Dimensions:  4.4 X 2.8 cm (including loop)
Tiger skin w/nylon-thread lacing wrap
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This is a HTF, unused LP Pern tiger-skin Takrut, Wat BangPhra of late 2530s.

The Takrut was wrapped with
acrylic plastic.

The content inside is a small piece of tiger skin written and consecrated with Khom Katha of HuaJai Phaya Sua (Tiger King's Spirit Essence) "GuRuSuGu".

The Takrut you will see tiger hair protruding from nylon-thread lacing holes. If you wear it nakedly for a while, the tiger hair will be shortened but still be seen at the Takrut surface's lower level.

The LP Pern tiger-skin Takrut has efficacies & properties for invincibility, life safty, KlaewKlaad, Metta, and MahaAmnaj.

It's an efficacious Takrut for real guys who always walk ahead and fear for nothing. To reach such the utmost efficacies & properties, the Takrut needs LP Pern's Tiger Spirit Essence Katha (Mantra) to activate:

" IGaWiTi GuRuSuGu NaMaBhaDha AhangNuGa"
Before wearing the Takrut we should chant the Katha or its shorter form version "GuRuSuGu".

LP Pern made & blessed many ten kinds of amulets covering nearly all forms and contents, such as Takruts, Phayants, Palad Khiks, pendants, Phra Krings, holy powder amulets, herbal amulets, mini statues, carving amulets of wood and ivory, etc.

LP Pern ordained in B.E.2491 and was a disciple of the 3 great Gurus-- LP Daeng, Wat Tungkok, LP Ophasie, Ashram Bangmod, and LP Hiim, the late Abbot of Wat BangPhra.

LP Pern had lived at Wat KokKema, and later moved to Wat BangPhra in B.E. 2516 and staying there for nearly 30 years until his passing in June 30, 2545 at the age of 79.

Even LP Pern has passed away for many years but he is still highly respected as one of the top great Gurus of present period because of his Buddhistic incantation ability and ultra high Dhamma.

Most people know only that he was a top great tatto Guru, but actually his great incantation knowledge has a broad range covering all aspects viz invincibility, MahaAmnaj, KlaewKlaad, MahaMetta, MahaNiyom, MahaSaneh, etc.

HTF = hard to find
SongHoo = two-ear loops
NangSua = tiger skin
HuaJai = heart, core, essence
Sua = tiger
MahaAmnaj = power that feared by others
KlaewKlaad = free from all harms
MahaSaneh = to be greatly loved by opposite-sex persons

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